About Howard Industries

HeadquartersHoward Technology Solutions, founded in 1998, is a division of Howard Industries Inc., a billion dollar, privately held corporation headquartered in Howard Technology Park. With over 250,000 different product offerings ranging from desktops, notebooks, tablets, servers, printers, digital cameras, and accessories to custom lab designs and presentation carts – We provide tomorrow’s technology today.

Howard Education provides schools with innovative, educational solutions and affordable technology—and brand name products. From distance learning and interactive assessment tools to our mobile presentation carts designed to focus on flexibility, organization, and security, we’re here to assist you in creating the optimum learning environment.

Howard Medical is transforming patient care with safe, innovative technology. Our revolutionary Point-of-Care Documentation and Medication carts are loaded with features designed to ease workloads for healthcare professionals and improve patient care. From custom mobility solutions to computers, printers, scanners and specialized hardware technologies that are vital to EMR, CPOE, PACS, and other health-related systems, Howard Medical provides healthcare personnel with real-world solutions so they can focus on what matters most—patients!

Visit us at http://www.howardcomputers.com/

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