World Cup Tech

You probably know that this year’s FIFA World Cup kicked off Thursday, June 12 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You might even have tuned in to the opening ceremony, or you might be planning on watching the US Men’s National Team take on Ghana today. What you might not realize is just how much the World Cup has changed since its first incarnation in 1930.

When we think of technology, we generally don’t think about sports, but the truth is that the two go hand in hand. This year, for the first time, World Cup officials will rely on goal-line technology that uses cameras mounted around the stadium to determine when goals are scored. You can find a good explanation of how it works on the Guardian’s website.

This handy infographic will take you through a brief history of soccer technology. (For example, did you know the World Cup was first televised in 1954?)

(via Gizmodo)